Our Approach

Distinct and interesting things about our business process  is

Choosing the right supplier and engaging with them based on their replies.

Quality control in the production process is critical to success for any sellers. Problems may occur for any number of reasons, but we protect our self with an agreement in writing. We do our best to find the materials, measurements, packaging, product quality, and any other specifications in writing. If a problem occurs, and the supplier is at fault, we refer back to this agreement for an appropriate refund or credit on future orders.

Additionally, we request a sample from the supplier before we make any decisions. In order to maintain the highest level of production quality, we want to keep our suppliers accountable through the whole process. Get everything in writing by using a Purchase Order.



Our Story

SR Aerotech is founded by Mr. Raju Indurthi and is one of the leading vendor for defence in any of the sectors like mechanical, electrical and computers.

SR Aerotech is about marketing products for aerospace, power and energy sectors in Hyderabad. Some of our clients are DRDO, BHEL, NFC, Ordnance factory and BDL. For many years, we have worked hard to build strong and long-term relations with our clients, based on mutual trust and transparency. To sustain as an identity of trust vendor we maintain a good relation with our suppliers and manufactures either.

SR Aerotech took on new prestigious facilities in Poole Dorset which enabled the company to develop into the world class manufacturing supplier to many different sectors in industry.

SR Aerotech has an amicable environment to work with. The company is located at LB Nagar, Hyderabad. We always welcome you to visit our office location at office hours precisely or upon booking appointments